The Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

The Demogorgon from Stranger Things. I’m kinda critical of my own work and know I can tweak some settings and get a better result; but some features really turned out awesome. Printed it in camouflage filament in several pieces (which caused them to not all match up perfectly, and resulted in some poor plastic welding on my part). The hands are down-right freaky though. If you’ve watched the show, you can see what I mean with the hands coming out of the printer bed. I feel a little like Dr Frankenstein. IT’S ALIVE!!!

That is awesome. I just finished binge watching the both seasons. No all you have to do is render and print one (or a few) of the Demodogs.

@x86ricer yeah. I was looking for a demodog on Thingiverse but couldn’t find one. Do you have a link to one?

Fun!! What a great series! I was searching for this stuff when I first saw the series when it first came out :wink:

i have never printed figurines, but i’m definitely printing this! thanks for sharing this.

Really cool, I love that show

He has a butt crack. Lol.

@Kevin_Danger_Powers Demogorgons poop too. :wink:

Someone needs to make joints so it’s posable :wink:

@Daniel_Jackman this is all I could find.

Maybe this dude would be willing to share his model.

Nice. My kids love that show. It was a lot of fun binge watching it with them. :slight_smile:

Might evaluate scaling this one up and have my daughter paint it like she did Groot.

@Jeff_Parish what base color did you print Groot in?

@Daniel_Jackman Groot was printed in Pearl. Painted with acrylics. No surface prep, just raw right off the printer.

@Jeff_Parish Nice. I have a spool of white that would probably paint up nicely.