The DeltaTrix 3D Printer, currently on Kickstarter,

The DeltaTrix 3D Printer, currently on Kickstarter, is now available with optional door panels! Not every 3D printer can easily be closed off and this is certainly true for the majority of existing delta printers. Have a look at my latest Kickstarter update, to check out the new, vacuum formed doors!

Hmmm… I wonder if that will run afoul of the patent on heated enclosures.

@Carlton: The doors’ primary function is to prevent fingers from getting to the hot bits! I am simply thinking about the safety of my 2 year old son!!! If there were an issue with patents, I might have to tell my customers to drill ventilation holes in the doors in case they would actually keep heat in.

Won’t someone think of the children!

@Richard_Tegelbeckers Supposedly the patent on heated enclosures is limited to cartesian machines. Read it to make up your own mind though.