The "B" pile. Those who know me,

The “B” pile. Those who know me, know how picky I am with parts I create for my personal use. They would also probably say these parts are perfectly fine. A mixture of PETG, PET+, ABS and CF ABS. I think enough to make 4-5 Eustathios V2 gantries. Once I have some spare time to sort through it all I’ll donate to the Print it Forward campaign.

Can I request only the parts that have the bronze bushings? My parts are cracking and delaminating horizontally along the print. I don’t think glue will help unless I dep the entire part in glue.

@Gus_Montoya You cracked all the carriages? Or just the center carriage that has the hotend? That’s the only carriage that prints 2 holes horizontally.

I’d guess he’s referring to that one as I managed to crack mine too. :confused: Going to let it ride for now though.

I made it a tight fit so that all bushings would be acetone welded in. Should I make a loose fit version that the bushings are meant to be glued in? I made it tight because I had two bushings come out on my first version. Plus peoples printers all vary on inside holes depending on how well it is tuned.

I cracked the hot end center carriage and also the 4 which slide on the on the linear rails which are also delaminating.

@Eclsnowman nah, i think it’s fine with a tight fit. i clearly didn’t put enough acetone to melt it down. i only used a brush, but next time i’d use a syringe and a small foam brush. i was able to salvage everything on this particular one, some acetone to brush over some abs and then some CA glue took care of it.

@Seth_Messer a qtip is what I found works best.

that’s hilarious. literally need to put some qtips in the garage. sigh of all my tools here in the shop, the simplest must versatile applicator i didn’t even think of. oh well once i get it built, first thing i’ll reprint is a new carriage and rebuild that.

I generally up the perimeters, then set the final dimension with a drill, if necessary.

Would acetone work on PETG printed parts?

@Eirikur_Sigbjornsson not for smoothing. But the part will soften a little then harden back up after the acetone evaporates.

@Isaac_Arciaga I meant for welding the bushings in.