The 3D model, BOM,

(Leland Crowther) #1

The 3D model, BOM, and STLs for my new CoreXY printer build are now available on my website

Open up the model and spin it around a few times.

For more information and to get the latest, visit the Bare3D FB page.

Founder of Bare3D

(Derrick A Yeboah) #2

would you build a custom printer similar to your design for a customer ?

(Leland Crowther) #3

@SOM3D Potentially, yes. Message me or shoot me an email at and we can talk more about details

(Taylor Landry) #4

Looks great.

I looked around the site a bit - might want to throw up any license your designs are under.

(Taylor Landry) #5

Also, +1 for the Vizsla

(Derrick A Yeboah) #6

Hey Leland, I sent you an email.