That point where Eric Lien 's efficiency causes your printer to fly apart because

That point where @Eclsnowman 's efficiency causes your printer to fly apart because Max Z is still a good Centimeter away from the nozzle.

Yeh, I had to design new zbed supports moving the bed up. You can use longer bed bolts and spacers as a stop-gap measure.

I’ve got rubber belts lifting the bed, good thing I’ve got extra belt, but I’ve got to COMPLETELY re-establish tram and plumb and calibration. I did have the carriage run a two hour run in before tearing into it. I think it’ll be pretty great as a result.

@Ashley_Webster the assembly for the new V4 Eustathios carriage I designed is shorter. So his bed couldn’t reach the nozzle once installed.

No, what cause the printer to fall apart was that max-lift on the printer bed was limited by my choice of brackets, and everything was stacked from top to bottom…there’s no way to lift the bed supports 10-20 cm without disassembling EVERYTHING.

Still…it’s a good excuse to make some structural changes.

Ease of assembly is usually pretty far down the list when making 1 of 1. :slight_smile: