That cleans things up a bit.

That cleans things up a bit.

@Brandon_Satterfield I like what you did here. Do you have any online documentation for the full implementation such as with the limit switches? I bought limit switches but wasn’t sure exactly how I should install them on the hardware. I would love to see pics of your full setup there.

@Michael_Forte what controller are you using?

I’m using a Smoothieboard. In this picture you can sort of see how my electronics are mounted outside my enclosure and the wiring is fed into the bottom corner which connects to the y-axis cable chain. I cut all of the wires at the point between the two cable chains and used quick disconnect connectors so I could troubleshoot easier in the future. As you can see, it’s a little bundle of cables there. Your implementation is much cleaner and you still have an easy wat to disconnect the wires; probably even easier.


@Michael_Forte no real documentation, happy to share the DXFs if you like. They will be on the website soon (sorry gotta use full link as the site is still too new, but you know that :-)) … just followed the link and saw the mobile view is crap. Tomorrow’s list.
We mount the limits with M2.5x16 screws. Use a 2.1mm drill bit and a M2.5 tap, they are very easy to mount. All switches wires NO. Homes to top Z, rear Y, right X looking at the machine.
On the Ox we use a bolt, tee-nut and spacer as a stop “pin” for the limits. I would have to look at the manual to see what size bolt and spacer. If you mount the limits by hand just ensure that your lever is in-line with one of the slots in the aluminum. The pin will act as the stop.
Besides that just running wires. Happy to assist in anyway, just holler.
By the way, looks like you got the boot and laser installed! Bad arse OX dude!

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@Brandon_Satterfield Thanks for the description. I’m still trying to picture what those switches are hitting up against to close. Did you add some extra pieces on the frame?

@Michael_Forte yes sir.
Pg 32.

FWIW, I found for the plates and switches I have, I needed to use M2.5x12 screws instead.