That awful moment when you discover that instead of the last four pieces of

That awful moment when you discover that instead of the last four pieces of a puzzle, your printer has spent 7 hours creating another piece of ‘art’!


What went wrong?

Shifty character, your printer.

Hard to be sure after the event (it happened while I was asleep).
There must have been a sudden major slippage that only happened once, so I’m guessing that one of the pieces warped slightly and snagged on the nozzle.

had that one or two times, but with a 90° turn midprint … nice wtf moment

I thought the design was attentional at first, its a cool looking fail. I’ve have slippage on my makerbot replicator a few times, still don’t know what exactly causes it, but seems to happen when we’re asleep

I’ve had step slippage similar, but not a pronounced, when my grub screw on the X-Pulley was not aligned fully with the stepper shaft flat.

I was getting that when I switched to the latest slic3r. The acceleration settings in it where too fast, causing my printer to skip like that. I don’t know if that’s the case for you, but if you just switched to the newest slic3r…

I get these wtf moments Every once in a while. Still working the kinks out of my system.

How long does that infill take? I use the default infill and it seems to take a while for a print.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng Honeycomb IS the default infill in slic3r now

Ah I just updated last night and have not run another print yet. Any reason for making honeycomb the default now?

Lovely colour filament, where did you get that from if you don’t mind me asking?

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng Honeycomb is a good choice for infill because every layer is placed directly on top of the previous one, but rotated 120 deg. This makes it strong and stable.
Rectilinear fill just places alternating horizontal rows of filament one above the other at right angles to each other; effectively lots of bridges with minimal points of contact.

@Simon_Day The filament is 3 mm ABS and it came via Amazon from Jet. I had been looking for a nice light grey for a long time and this one comes out very nicely.

Ah thanks for the tip ill have to try honeycomb.