Thanks Whosa whatsis  for the tip to lay Kapton tape down under blue tape

Thanks @Whosa_whatsis for the tip to lay Kapton tape down under blue tape to make it adhere better to a glass build platform. I finally got around to trying this tonight and it works like a charm!

Are you being totally serious? I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with blue tape sticking to glass. It’s got adhesive. Are you somehow managing to accidentally peel off the blue tape when taking prints off or something?

It’s not that the blue tape doesn’t stick to glass. I found that sometimes the prints will stick to the blue tape better than the blue tape sticks to glass. The blue tape seems to stick better to kapton than to bare glass, so it helps to have a layer of it under the blue tape.

Sometimes the tape will come off while removing parts, other times it’s the corners of PLA prints warping and lifting the tape off the glass. Personally, I’ll take ABS on a good heated platform any day.

Why not just print directly on kapton then? PLA works brilliantly on heated kapton, and pops right off afterwards. Just seems like kapton + blue tape is a little…redundant.

well…I guess if you’re using an unheated platform it makes sense. Is that what this covers?


What he said :slight_smile: