Thanks to you all for this great program! I am hoping to get this

(Ron Lawrence) #1

Thanks to you all for this great program! I am hoping to get this into my maslow CNC workflow.

I have a question I can’t seem to find in the docs: What does “drag documents here to create tabs” do? Coming from using makercam I expected it to generate tabs to allow my cut piece to remain attached to the stock. If this is what it does, is there a way to select how far apart they are from one another? I just see a depth setting. Also, do I drag the same paths there that I’m milling if I want them all to have tabs?

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #2

Drag is to select a vector from your list and move bellow to an operation ( look into my basic videos )
For that’s to need to load the shape into LW like a file and the place them were you would like it to be. LW does not auto generate tabs

(Ron Lawrence) #3

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Ah, ok, so I have to draw my own tabs by creating shapes and dragging them to intersect where I want them in the paths, then drag these shapes to the create tabs in LW.

Maybe I’ll see if I can figure out how makercam is doing their tab generation and see if I can contribute this functionality to LW. I sure like how makercam works in this respect.

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #4

@Ron_Lawrence I like Auto generated tabs but not for all situations, if you can contribute that indeed would be a very nice feature to have