Thanks to everyone who have helped me so far.

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #1

Thanks to everyone who have helped me so far. I have a fresh problem to solve. I am installing a Triangle labs z probe and ran into this problem with my marlin configuration. The probe detected the z home once and then tries to do it again and keeps plunging into the glass heatbed. I don’t know if it is moving in the wrong direction after homing or what. But I have been struggling with this issue for a long time now and am asking for your help. Thanks again.

(Panayiotis Savva) #2

Marlin is designed to probe twice, one fast, once slow.
It sees that the probe doesn’t have enough space between the bed and pin.
Increase Z_CLEARANCE_BETWEEN_PROBES make it 10 and see if it’s better

(Panayiotis Savva) #3

Did you give it a try?

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #4

Sorry. Been busy. Will definitely try and report in a day or two. Thanks