Thanks to Chris McIntyre for the printed parts I was able to put my

Thanks to Chris McIntyre for the printed parts I was able to put my Herculien together. This thing barely fits through my bedroom door, hopefully when finished I can manage to take it out.

I am not sure it is needed but I am using shield cables for the steppers as I did on my DIY CNC machine.

Anyone interested in the printed templates please let me know and I can send them to you, it will get you started? I used my CNC machine to make the holes instead so they are not used. Next is to work on the Z gantry.

Very nice. How did you use cnc machines for making holes?

I am using Mach3 software to control my CNC machine and in the program there is a drilling pattern wizard, I set Mach3 to mm and set 4 holes at 20mm apart. The side bottom extrusions I used 2 x 4 holes. On the rod holes I used measurements from the documents using a 1/2 mill as suggested. I am building two machines so it would have been a big chore doing all by hand.

I have the CNC process posted with pictures

I see. Very nice. Thank you for the explanation.


I think when I get it running good, will make some mods to keep everything ‘inside the box’. I am pretty sure I will be breaking something off when it gets to my shop

@Vic_Catalasan looking great, keep us posted.

The only reason I tried to keep things out of the enclosure is for heat. It gets 55C+ in the summer time in the enclosure passively from the heated bed.

Really nice work. I used mach3 myself to do the holes; two at once? You are a gutsy man!

@Eclsnowman Thanks for that info, 55C is toasty!

@Bruce_Lunde Well I always try my first attempt on wood first and check measurement. The 2 x 4 holes was fun to watch and yes I still get nervous if the system goes hay wire and ruins my part.