Thanks igus Inc. for the samples it appears the 10mm with 50mm pitch may

Thanks @igus_Inc for the samples it appears the 10mm with 50mm pitch may be just what x/y for the Ul-T-Slot needs. I will also try out these other samples and share my results.

@Shauki I got a call after getting a bearing sample box a few weeks ago. I told them I loved how professional their sample kit was. I then asked about their lead screws. She said she could get me some samples to test and see if they would fit my needs. There is a little too much play in the more traditional pitches but the 1050 has no perceivable backlash.

@Shauki There is no discernible backlash in the nut in the forward and backward movement for the 1050, but the others: the 1002 and the 1012 do have some backlash. All of the nuts on all 3 types have a wobble when lateral force is applied. I think a carriage using the minimalistic nut in the second picture, for the 1050 screw, would work well using 2 nuts with a spring between to add an anti-backlash load.

@Shauki the screws I got are .5m and I cant flex them by hand without a fulcrum.

@Shauki you know I don’t know where to find them. I was sent 3x .5m screws in 3 different pitch types each with 1 nut to run some tests so I could see if they were a viable choice.

@Shauki here you go :

I actually plan to build a gantry when I receive 3 more and 7 more nuts. The spring load should increase the life as well since as wear occurs the load will remove the backlash automatically. This will be a much more goal oriented testing.

Thank you @igus_Inc for the 3 more 1050 sample lead screws on the way and the 7 nuts for them. I will definitely share my results when the Ul-T-Slot mkIII gets IT’S upgrade.

@Shauki I requested the new samples on the site last night while replying to you with the page link. They called me an hour ago asked what I wanted and why. I told them and they are sending me the rest to be able to build a revised gantry