Thanks David Bassetti ! Originally shared by David Bassetti Bondtech AB Congratulations for being

Thanks @David_Bassetti !

Originally shared by 3D Seed - using PET plastic directly in 3D Printers

@Bondtech_AB Congratulations for being the BEST extruder used in the BEST Open Source 3D Printer on the market… @Josef_Prusa Congratulations for picking the BEST dual drive extruder… we love them too !!
We will be buying the quad colour Prusa for our local @Fab_Lab_Connect

Yes, voted “best” :slight_smile:

Did I miss something? I can’t find anything about Bondtech extruders being used by Prusa.

The prusa multimaterial should come with the bondtech double gears in it.

Well I’ll let you all know when I receive mine hopefully next month. Can’t find any news about this though on Prusa’s or Bondtech’s website.

missing/deleted image from Google+

Awesome! Thanks @Eclsnowman