Thank you LW4 team! Only one issue,

Thank you LW4 team!
Only one issue, from time to time my machine gets disconnected, I’m running lw4-commserver on an OrangePiPC connected to the MKS Smoothie clone.
I have to go to connection tab, click connect, then back to the control tab and click twice on the Run button.
Could you please add machine reconnect automatically?

PS. Great results cutting brushed steel on the K40


About your cut, can you post what power, speed and material thikness.

10ma 10mm/s 1.6mm thick

It’s very interesting, I never figured that a k40 could cut steel…

Normally it doesn’t, but I’ve put a spell on it (:

And is a special steel or raw brushed steel? Any updates on power in you setup?

Salut @Mircea_Russu , ce laser folosesti & in ce zona esti?

Sorry, but I don’t belief that you can cut steel with a K40 and at leat your x axis doedn’t look like K40. Just fake?

By the way, you should search for the reason of your machine disconnects and solve that. Automatic reconnect is not the right solution and would be a risk.

@Darkberg_Aryavis I’m in Vrancea county, Romania.
@cprezzi The board disconnects when laser fires, so it’a an EMF problem, 'till I figure out how to shield it and filter the OPi and Sbase PSU it should fix it.

PS. the machine has custom built rails and the steel is a special kind: LZP-314-016

@Mircea_Russu , interesting material, maybe I have a look.

@Mircea_Russu Thanks for linking the exact material. You should not call this “steel”, this is missleading. It is normal Acrylic with a special paint/surface.

@cprezzi much fun :grin: