Thank you igus Inc. for these awesome samples.

Thank you @igus_Inc for these awesome samples. I will do my best to give a full and detailed review of the 1050 lead screws in the gantry of my Ul-T-Slot MKIII can’t wait to get the anti backlash screw’s as well

+igus is awesome!

Those look absurdly expensive. Like more than my 3 printers combined expensive. D:

But if they work then hooray! :smiley:

@Matt_Miller they are free samples. 8 nuts and 4 x 500mm 1050 lead screws

How do you get the free samples?

I am looking to design a new printer that could use something like this for the z axis.

@D_Rob I know. Do you have a retail amount for them?

no but I will find out and get a price.

@Nuker_Bot_NukerBot_3 on the page with the desired part click request sample

Thanks @D_Rob

no prob fill in length and size and right above dimension click the text saying request quote/samples

Wow, would be interesting to have a fully screw-based machine with these.
I guess it would be both fast and silent…

this is my goal. I also want to run the machine with closed loop brush less dc servos(BLDC)

@Nuker_Bot_NukerBot_3 @D_Rob @Shauki You guys are awesome!! Good luck with the lead screw set up - let us all know how they work!