Testing out the new  edge 441.01 firmware on my   Its looking pretty good.

Testing out the new tinyg edge 441.01 firmware on my #othermill
Its looking pretty good.

We are treating edge more like the experimental branch it’s name represents. In the past we realize that edge was much more up to date than edge. This is no longer the case. So update if you are prepared to try some cutting edge features / fixes. 441.01 specifically fixes a arc bug that was reported on our forums.

I built a custom bin for 441.01 for the #OMC machine settings. So don’t try this with what is in edge right now. Msg me if you want a custom build.
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Riley: Please clarify what build is posted to http://synthetos.github.io/. Is this the OMC specific build or a build with generic defaults?

Omc is not publicly available. Thats what I meant in my post. Defaults are always posted on the io page.