Testing out my Monoprice Maker select with benchy.

Testing out my Monoprice Maker select with benchy. I am new to 3d printing so take my opinion lightly.
I am thinking I may be over extruding, too fast and extruder temp too high.
I wanted to post this and see if you all think I am headed in the right direction or if I got it all wrong.
My current settings:
Layer height .2
Extruder temp 200
Bed temp 50
Print speed 50
Shell 1.2
Top/bottom layers 8
Infill 15
Flow %105

Ran another one with lower temperature, slower and less extrusion but not really an improvement.

Thanks Mindless! I will give that a shot.

I have some microcenter pla I can try. I will give that a shot too.

I think you got it there. I swapped out filament to the microcenter pla and it was a huge improvement. The pla I had trouble with was Hatchbox Black PLA. I still had problems with the MicroCenter PLA, it had a tangle so didn’t feed for a few layers. Other than that it looks great.
Appreciate the assistance.

I was going to say, cut back on your extrusion amount. I’d had a similar problem and that helped it. Also, if you don’t have a fan blowing on the print, you might want to set one up.