Testing my electromagnetic tool changer...

Testing my electromagnetic tool changer…

Wow. Very impressive.

Can you give more information?


I like that!

Cool. Standard firmware or something we might not know or selfmade? This is cool cause I need it haha. Damn dualextrusion messes around like freakin hell!

Cool idea. Looks like a money maker.

Similar idea to this - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1446731 - I’m looking at doing something similar on the FB2020 platform

@Filipe_Campos @VolksTrieb This runs on a ramps 1.4 with standard marlin firmware. Just a simple tool change script in Simplify3D. I will post more info after some more testing…

@Rudy_Van_Parys nicccee. Same setup here. Just need to do that haha. No ive got another idea with my chimera and scrips, should work. Will post it

@Ax_Smith-Laffin I wish I had seen this 3 months ago… Would saved me a lot of filament! Aso that design looks much cleaner :confused:

The goal of this project is 4 extruders. For example: 2xE3d v6 Bowden + 1xVolcano Bowden + 1x 1.75mm Direct.

Cool project. My fear with tool change has always been how do you deal with repeatability of the locating feature.

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make , if your XY movement is accurate, it should always land in the same position so it’s pretty much moot on that point

If things get to that point of repeatability, wouldnt you go to a more industrial scale and buy an encoder? And at what time would it justify going to that extent? I’ve crashed(encoder went out) and then replaced them on large CNC plasma tables.

It’s not the stage repeatability that concerns me, it’s the XY location feature between the carriage and the extruder that’s where you lose repeatability.

For a CNC mill you typically have a tool with a ground tapered shaft for very repeatable tool change. The slop is usually accounted for in the Z direction, which is why you’d have a touch off probe to measure the 0 position of the tool.

I’ve seen people use nubs for locating, which is probably in the order of 50-100 micron repeatability or better, but there’s a chance you may see artifacts in prints as a result. Would love to see some more torture tests to know for sure how valid my concerns are.

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make - It’s magnetic. If using 2 electromagnets of differing polarities, these will auto align to centre. However, I see what you are meaning with this example, however, if the rods are strong electromagnets, there should be no slop whatsoever. That being said, having the tools on the X Gantry like my post above will eliminate a lot of the mislocation.

Magnets do somewhat self center but can still be off by a few hundred microns easily. You’d really want a tapered dowel pin or something that allows it to locate instead of relying on magnetic forces. He might be using some sort of locating feature. Which if you notice in your example he is using two locating pins.

Is it magnet latch, or magnetic hold?

A latch (release when powered) would require less power expenditure during printing