Testing heatsinks/fans for 35mm pancake stepper for small actuators

As part of this awesomely fun 6DOF robot arm project, I’m finding that the little 35mm stepper motors, no matter what brand or resistance I use, get really hot. It could be that most stepper drivers are geared towards something like a 1A RMS current and these suckers want more like 200mA and so everything overdrives them even with tweaking the reference current, but I also like the power I get at the higher current. So, to squeeze as much power out as I can I turned to trying to dissipate the heat as well.

Fortunately RC motors have close to the same diameter as the small steppers and thus nice heatsinks are available for cheap out there like on Aliexpress. Cheap fans are too and they fit into the actuator, although they don’t leave much room for the electronics then.