Testing and configuring Marlin

I was able to download and compile Marlin with Platform IO, i was also able to upload to my Arduino Mega board, I dont know how to test it.

In past I tested GRBL with Universal G Code Sender but i was not able to connect Marlin with UGS. I want to know what software can i use to TEST G Code commands.

Please note that I’m not going to use it with 3D Printer, I’m going to build a different machine want use X,Y axis and switching on/off modules.

Please also advise how can i configure Marlin through commands like we can configure GBRL from UGS software? like $25 command etc.

You need a suitable program so you can send g-code commands over the USB connection.
pronterface is a good one to use even if you aren’t using a 3d printer.

Any serial terminal program will do.


Well, UGS is Universal Gcode Sender and for firmware it supports, allows you to send gcode. But the reason it wouldn’t work with Marlin is that it doesn’t support Marlin yet:

However, a lot of Marlin configuration is done at compile time:

Here is the Marlin gcode reference:

It has M commands for configuration listed there, including M500 (save settings) but much of what grbl exposes as $ settings is compiled into Marlin.