Testing a variety of materials

Testing a variety of materials

If you can get that flexible filament to run in HercuLien you are a better man than me. I took a few stabs at it… But no luck. It is stiffer than ninjaflex and has some cool characteristics (cut off a section and pull it). It is bendable but not stretchable, it has memory.

I figured that would be the hardest task but I figured for that price why not

счастливый :slight_smile:

Price? What price? They are giving it away :slight_smile:

I pay that for plain ABS or PLA, then have to pay freight, which is usually around the same again.

I budget on US$50/kg for normal stuff. Ninja flex and such $100+

I’m so over ‘cheap’ Asia and their ‘low’ prices :frowning:

I wish they did those prices on their website. I have some of the petg a friend grabbed for me an I love it.