Tested grayscale to relief in ArtCAM to Chilipeppr.

Tested grayscale to relief in ArtCAM to Chilipeppr. I am learning how to take SVG and make reliefs like this but this is one somebody else created.

This is the image I used.
missing/deleted image from Google+

That looks sweet!

That looks clean! Good work!

That’s super. Really nice piece.

That is really nice. It would be cool to see a video of your process because your milling work always comes out really nice.

It has a nice clean edge.

Thank you for sharing

Tests for z zero on MDF of scaled down version and attempt to mill a Bahamian Lucky Nut. It’s a type of sea bean that is VERY hard and mills very nicely, if you clamp it down properly. :frowning:

My test piece of wood has morphed into a sampler of various CNC 2.5D files found on the web. I see many marked for laser but they actually work better milled. I’m making less mistakes and maybe I can do a short video for John because none of this would be possible without Chilipeppr.

That’s some cool examples!