Test the calibrate gcode, looks not bad.

(Frank Herrmann) #1

Test the calibrate gcode, looks not bad. Work in progress :slight_smile:


It’s looking good, but those drops are just too darn big. Although it’s hard for me to tell without a point of reference.

(Frank Herrmann) #3

Sure, thats a 0.84mm inside diameter canulla. First i try to make matrix with different press moves. The center of points have a distance of 2mm. The matrix are 10x10mm.

(Frank Graffagnino) #4

looks like you may have invented a Hershey Kiss machine.

(Menno de Graaf) #5

Right, if solder dispensing does not work out, at least you can use it to decorate your birthday cakes


Have you tried type 5 or type 6 solder paste where you can use a 30 gauge needle?

(Frank Herrmann) #7

Yeah, next time i open a german bakery :slight_smile:

@jlauer i’ll test next time a class 4 solder paste. Ordered yesterday a class 5 solder paste but needs some weeks to get it.