``Ten years ago, when I started this site,

(Christian Ledermann) #1

``Ten years ago, when I started this site, we were solving some hard technical problems in aerial robotics (such as getting drones to actually fly without crashing!). Now those problems are largely solved (and many of us went on to found companies that today use drone data, rather than making drones themselves), my inner geek took me to the next set of hard technical problems, which are mostly in autonomous cars, AI and computer vision.

So a few years ago I founded our sister community, DIY Robocars, and today it’s more than 10,000 participants around the world doing race and hackathons nearly every weekend. Above is an example (from yesterday’s race in Oakland) of the sort of performance we’re now seeing – scale speeds of more than 100 MPH, with advanced computer vision, localization and navigation running at 60FPS on cars that cost less than $200. ``

(Marc MERLIN) #2

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