Temujin CAM - New free CAM online stl 2.5D /dxf/svg -> Gcode. Fully automated


I created at www.temujin.ai/CAM a tool that allows you to drag and drop a stl file (2.5D) or dxf/svg files, tweak a couple setting and that will generate all the toolpaths for you. It is the equivalent in term of simplicity to a 3d printer slicer.

It is free to use and requires no registration. Your CAM step should now take less than a minute and not throw you into a wall of settings. I hope this can bring more people into the craft.

Looking forward to your feedbacks and enjoy this tool!

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Want to tell us more about how you made it?

Is it slicing in the browser, or does it upload to a server to slice?


I created this tool in an attempt to bring some novelty and fresh air in the CNC Cam space.

All the computation is done on server side which enables getting toolpaths via webapi. Hence interested parties can integrate this capacity in their automated workflow and produce customized parts without the need for manual cam steps.

It also opens the door to automated RFQ for cnc routing companies instead of the slow and costly back and forth mail quoting process.

I used the comparison to 3d slicer to illustrate the tool workflow/ease of use, but the inner working is different: it revolves around extracting the flat surfaces from a mesh and generating toolpaths from them. The 2.5D adaptive strategy being the more complex to implement while the offset one is easy. All in all, I found that time performance tends to be the most complex part in the project which also oriented the choice toward having the computation done on servers where a CPU/GPU grid can be established.


I’m curious; have you compared performance to the open source Kiri:Moto browser-based 2.5/3D CAM gcode generator? It is also possible to integrate into workflow (it’s integrated at least into Onshape and Thingiverse) but does all the toolpathing on the browser; there’s no server-side processing.

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The performance bottleneck that I see are related to the adaptive and advanced 3d toolpathing. I checked Kiri:Moto which is a great project and I think they have not implemented those but I could be wrong. I am having a further look at it.