Tapping all these holes are hard work.

Tapping all these holes are hard work. :persevere: The hole drilling is also very time consuming. Good thing the drill guide was very well designed. It would have taken much more time measuring.

I wish there is a service for cutting aluminum and tapping them so I just can get these predone. The fun part is the wiring up. :slight_smile: Soon.

I usually put my tap into a drill and use a drop of cutting oil prior to tapping each hole.

What cutting oil do you use? I am using honing oil solution and it works well with tap bit in the drill but I am not sure if that is the best.

Misumi can do it, but with all the holes the cost goes up a bit.

@Dat_Chu great to see this thing taking shape.

Me too. I am glad I finally find some time to start on this.

@Dat_Chu ​ Tap Magic is what I use for a tapping lubricant. Harbor freight also sells tapping oil that has good reviews.

The hard holes are where the 10mm rods go through the frame. They are half on an internal rib. I recommend a drill press, and an end mill bit, or a hole saw. Bit walk is a bear with a standard 1/2" tapered tip bit.

Yeah, it looks like I need to finally get my own drill press. My only problem is I have no work bench in the garage for the drill press. Now I have to get recommendations for a work bench in the garage.

I have this bench, and I love it: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/ultra-heavy-duty-12-drawer-rolling-workbench/prod1480010.ip?navAction=

That looks awesome. I am thinking of getting this one since I don’t need the drawers http://www.costco.com/NewAge-Workbench-with-Bamboo-Work-Surface.product.100159806.html

You need the drawers. You just don’t know it yet.

Make your workbench. Two sheets of ply and a top sheet of mdf and a tube of glue. You will be able to afford a nice end vice and still come out less than half the cost of that ‘workbench’.

As to tapping holes, don’t bother, just buy self-tapping bolts. I tapped about five holes in my aluminium extrusion life, then went self-tapping and have never had a problem in the hundreds and hundreds of ends I have tapped, since.

Here’s a popular one. You can beat it up and not feel bad about it. Paint/Stain it if you want to make it look prettier. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Unbranded-Fold-Out-Wood-Workbench-Common-72-in-Actual-20-0-in-x-72-0-in-WKBNCH72X22/203083493

I agree with @Mike_Thornbury the money you save, you can put towards tools.

If you want to throw up a really quick bench these things are great http://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/work-supports-workbenches/2x4basics-reg-workbench-legs/p-2364482-c-19492.htm
I got a set when I wanted to do a quick center bench. Took less than an hour to get it all together with one person and it was super square. Better than any bench ive done with 2x4 legs.

Maybee you are already Done, but I recommend to dip the threading pin in ethanol before tapping. This works perfect When tapping with a metal tool in aluminium . I did the tappering manualy in the beginning but then I started using a screwdriver and drilled very slowly . This together with the ethanol made it work very smooth !

Ethanol? Isn’t that stuff bad?

Technical alcohol, no, it Works really good

Try one and see what happens :slight_smile: