Take this with a large grain of salt,

Take this with a large grain of salt, as this info doesn’t come from first hand experience but rather 2 local printers close to me, one of whom I consider a good friend (and he taught me a lot of what I know). But so far the results on the all-metal hot ends that I’ve been subjected to is as such:

E3D from http://e3d-online.com/ – Awesome. @Chris_Purola_Chorca is using this and has informed me that it’s an awesome design, worked the first time he assembled it, and didn’t give him any problems.

MetalMagma hot end from http://trinitylabs.com/ – Nothing but trouble. While there is a chance that this just happened to be from a badly machined batch, it was constantly jamming. Likely due to heat creeping up the nozzle. This was also tested by Chris. He attempted quite a lot to resolve the jamming issues, fans etc.

Prusa Nozzle from RepRapDiscount.com/Josef Prusa – The user that attempted using these is somewhat of a novice, but largely experienced the same thing. Heat would creep up the nozzle and eventually jam. Also only comes in 3mm, no 1.75mm version available.

I should add here that Ezra from TrinityLabs offered promptly to replace the MetalMagma nozzle when I contacted him about it via #reprap on IRC. I’ll test the nozzle I get back again; this is a learning process for everyone in the biz as these are bleeding-edge parts and everyone will have some growing pains.

Unfortunately, during a fit of “hulk smash” rage after a bad day at work and then issues with getting the cartridge heater out of the MetalMagma hotend in preparation for returning it, I almost completely ruined it. Will most likely need to buy another from Trinity because I’m an idiot somewhat.

Mine’s not the only one that’s experienced the cartridge heater sticking issue; I’ve read that a rule of thumb with these chinese cartridge heaters is that if they are a tight fit going in, you won’t get them back out again. This has also happened on some of the E3D hotends; it seems the cheap cartridges are not manufactured with a close tolerance. They swell somewhat during the heating cycles. Be careful everyone!

So do i now get to go told ya so as you’re complaining about the PrusaNozzle?

Glad I plumped for the E3D :). Hopefully i’ll be getting a .25mm nozzle as well. Few more weeks before it turns up but i’ll be sure to post about my experience.

Interesting information. I wish we had a better idea of what issues were caused by small effects of major design choices and which result from large effects of tiny design and manufacturing issues. I’m working on a very different concept for a hot end (too early to say much about it), but the latter type of issues includes some things I’ll have to watch out for…

Well i bought a prusa nozzle to try on the reprap that my friend dave loaned me to learn from and so far it rocks. I have no issue, And when it did jam (due to his high mileage ebay hobbed bolt) cleaning it was as simple as cooling it, undoing the tension arm on extruder and a pull on the filament. It came out clean and in the shape of the nozzle. When i do either win a printer or can afford this one i’ll be moving it over to mine… Dave is convinced in buying one too.

@Thomas_Sanladerer like i said: grain of salt and the user is quite a novice. Josef offered to send me a noz, but never came through even after sending him my info, and I haven’t been able to afford buying one of my own at the moment.

@ThantiK , Huh, I had the same experience with Prusa after he offered 2 nozzles for 40 Euros on a thread after @Thomas_Sanladerer questioned the functionality of the Prusanozzle. Failure to respond was a large contributing factor to me going for the E3D, I was on the fence till then.

I have the E3D and the Prusa nozzle on separate printers, the Prusa nozzle keeps having issues during printing. It will stop feeding after 10 to 15 minutes of printing with out a fan dedicated to it’s cooling, I have added a fan and a shroud to it and was able to get it to print for 20 to 25 minutes before it fails. I am still testing temp/speed setting to try to get a complete print with this nozzle.

The E3D nozzle has worked from the first time I installed it. Have have successfully printed a 8 hour print job with this nozzle and except for needing to tune the PID a little better so far it has be a great nozzle

I’ve done several 12 hour prints and average ~4 hours a job with my E3d nozzle… about halfway through the 4th kg spool its seen go through it! Great part

I’d say the only issue I had with my E3D hotend is that the provided printed heatsink fan bracket did not fit the fan holes, seemed to be a couple mm off, and while getting it on there, it broke. I’m in the process of printing another, hopefully that one will fit the fan provided.

The ubis hotend is another, yes I know it is an older design it works and is reliable too. The thing I love is the older designs heat up super fast. And he is now making cartridge hot ends too.

@John_Lamp the ubis isn’t an all metal. Oops, doesn’t look like I specified that. Fixed.

I haven’t had much trouble with the metalmagma, but I’ve always had a fan on it.

I did insulate the heater block - might be why there’s less heat creeping up the tube. I just used the fiberglass rubber sheath thing from Makergear - since they always ship extras with their hotend kits. It printed fine before I insulated, but the PID auto-set took forever.