T-Watch 2020 ESP32 Main Chip 1.54 Inch Touch Display

You all know I cannot pass up a bargain. I have added the T-Watch 2020 to my bag of things I will need to make time for. It took me a few times to get it ordered before it went out of stock. The page shows a monochrome screen but it is actually color.


Have you messed with this much? I don’t want to give my daughter a phone yet but was thinking of sending her to school with a Wifi WAP and one of these watches. Considering creating an app so we can message her and she can reply with canned responses.

I have not really played with it much. It yours for the cost of shipping if you want it. I think it would be around $10.00.

There’s also the PineTime watch from Pine64. I believe that it’s pretty open for hacking and it has been around long enough that I suspect most of the wrinkles have been ironed out.


It’ll likely still be a few weeks before I get the 2020 T-Watch from China I’ve been poking around and found a youtube video playlist with lots of hands-on videos about programming these watches.

I’m looking for doing watch-to-watch communications over the Internet and didn’t find any examples but I think I can do this using an online IoT service like IFTTT and Adafruits IoT site.

Adafruit example of IoT I/O looks interesting: Adafruit IO: Send and Receive Data | Adafruit ESP32-S2 Feather | Adafruit Learning System

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I built the My-TTGO-Watch firmware (GitHub - dlarue/My-TTGO-Watch: A GUI named hedge for smartwatch like devices based on ESP32. Currently support for T-Watch2020 (V1,V2,V3), T-Watch2021, M5Paper, M5Core2 and native Linux support for testing. ) loaded it on the watch. Played around, removed some apps I didn’t see using and then wore it around today. This particular watch is literally from 2020 so I wasn’t surprised when the fully charged watch showed 73% charge. It made it through most of the day but I will be looking for a replacement battery.

I turned WiFi off once I got the clock date/time set and the display goes dim after just a few seconds. But I was having a problem finding it useful turning it on to see the time. There’s a button on it but I often don’t have my other hand free when I need to see the time. I’d read it can be woken up with a few quick snaps back and forth of the wrist but it wasn’t 100%.

Figuring I would need to code something to make this easier to use I saw someone on campus with a smart watch and asked them how they enabled the display. He said, “like this” and he raised his arm and rotated it so he could see the watch face and it turned on. I thought, how convenient and smart. So I raised my arm and rotated my wrist to see the watch face and it turned on! LOL

Documentation can be a problem with a product like this when there are so many custom watch implementations and many are tuned toward the developer segment.

Of note, I did find one of the apps which are part of the My-TTGO-Watch package is a Power Meter which takes MQTT messages from a MQTT server so I will start looking at that first things since I my target app might just be an MQTT based texting app.


Too bad I do not have one to play with any more! :grin:

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And I greatly appreciate your willingness to let me play with it. Surprisingly it charged to 100% last evening and I unplugged it over night. I had read reviews which stated that the charging system on these was off and if left on power it would weaken the battery. This morning it was at 60% and I put it on the charger which later went to 112%…

BTW, setting up platformio CLI was very easy, far easier than setting up with vscode.


The brand new watch arrived from China already but unfortunately there seems to be an assembly issue. The USB connector does not line up well with the hole in the metal case. New watch on top, old(from 2020) on bottom.

What a bummer!

we’ll see how support operates.