T slot Aluminum Extrusion n V slot Aluminum Extrusion

T slot Aluminum Extrusion n V slot Aluminum Extrusion

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@Eclsnowman Thank you Eric, I got it .

@Makeralot Thanks, Like for example I did not know you had a specific kit for the Eustathios printer here:


and the HercuLien kit here:


This sort of thing is exactly what people here would be interested in and is a great fit as a post into the community. Many people here have asked for a single source for Eustathios and HercuLien kits. If this is something you could help with I know the community would appreciate it greatly.

There are also some cross drilled holes required for Eustathios and HercuLien to allow an Allen Wrench to pass through for bolting together parts. Are these included at that kit price? If so that is a very good deal depending on shipping costs and the accuracy of the cuts which is critical on this type of frame construction.

You can see an example of the holes in the documentation. But also the 3D model is the best source because they are in the correct position in the actual extrusions right in the assembly.

Pretty neat to have specific kits. That would have helped a bit xD

Wow AND all vslot too

Nice to have a kit! Might as well have the T-nuts and bolts in the there too though? The price is amazing for the Euth, does the Herc really have 4X the extrusion?

@Chris_Brent ​ most of the extrusion is 20x80 on HercuLien. So I assume that’s the main source of the price difference. Also it uses v-slot as the Z-axis vertical guides. So that offsets cost against some 10mm rods and bearings for Z in the Eustathios BOM.

@Eclsnowman Yes, we are happy that you guys like the two specific extruded aluminum kits, our purpose is try to provide some reasonable price of parts for people here. The price was not included drilling services, I will try to work out where and how to drill holes for the kits, then will include these into the price

@Makeralot sounds good. If you run into any questions let me know. Also if you are open to generation of a complete kit (corner brackets, T-nuts, bolts, rods, bearings, etc) let me know and I will work with you on the quantity’s.

@Eclsnowman Thanks. I am happy if you can help me with the quantity’s for the mating parts. And I am glad to generate the complete kit.

@Makeralot I will make a simplified BOM of the main components for each that I think would make a good kit as well as drawings and qty’s for the hole locations to be drilled in the extrusion so you can generate a cost.

This is very exciting. I know people have been looking for kits for these for a long time. This should lower the barrier to entry, and if they can get many of the from a single source it should help people save on the shipping costs as well.

I will message you in the next few days with some detailed information about the kits, and maybe there could be a few versions (extrusion only, extrusions and hardware, full kit with motors etc.)

Well this is exciting! :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman Great! Waiting for the detail information.

Very exciting news!

I am just getting started. Trying to get a good balance of family and 3d printing. But here is a BOM for the frame. I will make a print for the hole locations in the extrusion next.


Great! As the inner diameter of our T slot aluminum extrusion is 5mm, with our extrusion kit for the Eustathios, I would recommend M6 x 16 screws (item 3). And end fastener is also a good choice http://www.makeralot.com/end-fastener-for-20mm-aluminum-extrusion-p224/

@Makeralot So 6 mm bolts should be used for the extrusion? or is this just for the end? I couldn’t find any 6 mm bolts on your site.

@Sean_B 6mm bolt is for T slot extrusions end, the inner hole size of our T Slot extrusions is 5mm , (http://www.makeralot.com/20mm-x-20mm-extruded-aluminum-for-eustathios-3d-printer-p207/), after tapping, should use M6 bolt for the end holes. Recommend 20 series end fastener for you ( http://www.makeralot.com/end-fastener-for-20mm-aluminum-extrusion-p224/). If you want to buy M6 bolt separately, we can add it on the page. :slight_smile: Any question please feel free to leave me messages or email us.