Switched filament and now getting little holes in layers like this picture.

Switched filament and now getting little holes in layers like this picture.

Is this too little extrusion or too cold? Should I tweak filament multiplier or look at something else being wrong?

This happens to me sometimes, I haven’t figured it out for sure but seems like it might be small variations in filament diameter?

I would guess too little extrusion. I’d second @Jason_Gullickson on guessing a change in diameter from the previous roll you were using. Measure and compare first, since that’s easy, and see if fixing the diameter in your settings fixes it first. Only if that doesn’t fix it would I start playing with the multiplier.

If you don’t mind saying , which brand filament is it? I recently bought some Ultimachine yellow & it gave me a lot if trouble (several failed prints). In the end raising my print temp 15 degrees c seems to have fixed my issue

DeltaMaker filament. I raised temp 10C and it was working better in small prints (like 20x20x10mm) but when I tackled a large one the filament got too hot and soft before being fed. This is on a @Printrbot simple. The new extruder is simpler but I suspect its going to be a nightmare with overheating the filament…

@Alan_McNeil when raising temperature is improving things for you, that might also be an indicator that you’re printing too fast. What speed are you using for the infill?

using default 60. Worked great with previous PLA. Also raising temp 5C (not 10) and increasing flowrate in reptier host helps.

I wouldn’t worry. Those tiny holes get filled on the next layer…