Swapping heads on a delta printer.  Awesome stuff.

(ThantiK) #1

Swapping heads on a delta printer. Awesome stuff. Uses strong neodymium magnets in order to hold the head in place. Doesn’t show extrusion, but it should be possible with a 1.75mm filament bowden setup, as the line should be plenty flexible. There is the issue of the head moving, sliding, etc but I’m sure that’s easily fixable.

(Yomi Colledge) #2

That’s pretty bloody cool!

(Clint O'Connor) #3

Magnets + registration pins should do it.

(Clint O'Connor) #4

Better yet, longer magnets that double as registration pins.

(Dale Dunn) #5

Use spherical magnets. 1 sphere mated to a cluster of 3 (forming a tetrahedron) controls 3 degrees of freedom. 1 sphere mated to a pair (forming a triangle) controls two more DOF. 1 sphere mated to another controls the last DOF.

That should be very repeatable and resist side loads well enough for FFF.

I haven’t thought through all the relationships of poles. 3 sets of magnets (1 mating to 2 in a triangle) oriented 120° to each other might provide a better grip. More uniform, anyway.

(Aaron Eiche) #6

If you’re going to do registration pins, they should be precisely milled out of metal, rather than printed. There’s too much variation in plastic.

(Mike Downey) #7

what slicer supports tool changes?

(ThantiK) #8

@Mike_Downey all of them.