SVG files from Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw

(Scorch) #1

Are there any Corel and Adobe Illustrator users that could make a simple test file for me?

I am looking for something simple like a square and circle. The outline of one should be red and the other blue. The fill on both the circle and square should be black.

I am looking for a file made with Adobe Illustrator and the same thing made with Corel Draw. I would like the page size to be adjusted to fit the shapes, if possible, and the dimensions of the page size. A screen shot of what the design looks like in Illustrator/Corel would also be helpful.

Here is a sample test file I made in Inkscape.


(Ned Hill) #2

Here is the Coreldraw info using CD X8.

Here is the coreldraw file

Let me know if you need anything else in CD.

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(Scorch) #3

Thanks for doing that Ned. I still need an SVG of the file you created exported from Corel.


(Ned Hill) #4

Here you go

(Scorch) #5

Great, Thanks.

(Scorch) #6

The intent here was to determine if I could make SVG files from CorelDraw and Illustrator work with K40 Whisperer without passing them through Inkscape (which people say they need to do.) The file from @Nedman works straight from Corel Draw so maybe it is SVG files from older versions of Corel Draw that have issues.

(Ned Hill) #7

Not surprising. I got into CD because of corellaser and the earlier version of CD, I had initially, had trouble handling up to date file types.

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(David Olsen) #8

Maybe working around the things that auto-abort like the no-units means does not load, when really it should just default to mm if no units are specified. Or the scale factor must be X and Y equal. Then it should load just about everything.

Only major issue I saw anywhere was the lack of classing. (See: ) which is one of the example code elements, since the elements have their properties applied via classes it doesn’t apply them at all. The polyline elements are absent and the curves fill, and the empty rectangle is filled with black. If CD assigns those properties via css classes that’d make it fail.