Suspension Train with track, roughly N Scale - 3D Printing Question

I’m building another part of my kinetic art diorama, and just got it running. Now I’m making all the track, about 11 feet around a loop. I’m trying to get a YouTube channel going for the project, but getting the brushes to work on this is a major milestone for me and getting some feedback is a shot in the arm. Which is good for the old motivation. I’m trying to avoid distractions with all the yard work since it’s springtime - finally, lol.

YouTube post sabout the train, followed by a couple more - I’m at @sisyphuscranerigging7792 (Sisyphus Crane & Rigging Channel)
The recent videos are headed by “Suspended Trolley”

I’m going to need to get 3D printing done for the train car I think. Maybe build it up from 4 printed sides, plus the ends. I could build it out of sheet plastic but I can design it with tiny details - I don’t know if I can find a printer that is as accurate as the injection-molded detailing you get when you buy an N Scale Train. Does anyone have advice for a printer in the $1500 budget that can do this kind of fine detail?

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You are looking at an SLA printer for that.

Perhaps go for a 4K model.

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Thanks Jammy - Since my stuff is so small maybe I’ll start with a ELEGOO Mars 3, it is a 4K with enough size capacity for even my largest printables. Almost shocking you can get a 4K resin machine for about $220!