Surplus Smoothieboards on eBay

I’ve been researching Smoothie for an experimental delta printer I’m working on and stumbled on a cache of surplus Smoothieboards on eBay. I’m not able to purchase at this time, but thought others here may be interested since these are currently out of stock at Uberclock and RobotSeed. I have no financial interest in these myself, just passing on the tip.

I checked with the seller who is a surplus electronics dealer. His consigner apparently is a 3D printer manufacturer. He checked with his consigner to verify that these were originally purchased from Smoothieboard. ??? (See conversation below.)

If you’re interested, the listing can be found here:
Smoothieboard 5XC V1.1 32bits ARM-Cortex Motherboard 3D Printer SB-5XC-1.1

The printer I’m working on is a 3DOF “tripod” which is similar to a Stewart-Gough 6DOF hexapod. More about that on future posts. Currently working on tripod kinematics using linear delta kinematics from Smoothieware and tripodkins from Linux CNC.

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Todd Snouffer
Littlelocos Model Engineering

Here’s the conversation thru eBay.

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Hello. Do you know if this board is a genuine Smoothieboard or if it is a clone? Both essentially look the same, so it’s difficult to tell unless there is some way to know. Do you know where these came from?
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Hi Todd, I am a re-seller selling on behalf of a 3D printing mfg. and this was my point of contact’s response: “These are genuine, they were bought directly from the Smoothie Mfg.”

Hope this helps. : )