Sure wish connectors didn't confuse me so much.

Sure wish connectors didn’t confuse me so much. Finding an ideal, power rated, elegant, cheap solution isn’t easy…Check out this Molex part…looks like it’d handle a dual extruder easily. Now, price all the pins, coax connectors, figure out the cable side with stress relief…oh, and they STRONGLY suggest crimp connectors…drop some coin on a good crimper.


Well have never seen this connector before but this looks definitely not as a crimp connector! Where did you find this connector?

It’s a molex part, sells them, but they’re not cheap. The larger holes are for coax.

Can those coax connectors really take the current? That, and I wouldn’t enjoy crimping those coax pins.

I suspect so, on further reflection, I’d be more worried about fatigue due to movement…