Super Excited | Major milestone | XY axes running

(Jonathan Gourley) #1

Super Excited | Major milestone | XY axes running

(Jonathan Gourley) #2

@Matteo_Spinelli Print size will be about 300x300 or a little smaller. The acrylic is just for fit-up, it will be replaced with 6mm aluminum. I can laser cut the acrylic for rapid prototyping and it allows me to see where the design is flexing under load easier. I’m not sure what a normal bowden payload would be, this one right now clocks in at about 200g moving mass i believe. open to any suggestions to reduce the mass!

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tbh i’m not sure. I saw this design which i liked, and started buying up components i could find in my price range. then i am modifying the basic design idea to fit the sizes of components that i have acquired.
i am not planning on any toolchanging system or complexity, just their CoreXY layout with non-crossing belts. I think i’ve seen other corexy designs (maybe not a 3d printer) in excess of 800x800.