Sunhokey Prusa I3 refurb

I thought I would document my refurb of a Sunhokey Prusa I3 clone that I tried to set aflame.
If you have not read my other threads on this journey, here is a quick synopsis.

After doing some work on my Geeetech A10, it would no longer print reliably. A friend wanted a drill block printed so I thought I would bring the I3 out of mothballs while troubleshooting the A10. Of course the extruder was not working so I swapped the driver. Not paying attention and rushing, I installed the driver backwards which caused the MKS Gen board to catch fire. Luckily none of the wiring was damaged. This being an older, acrylic printer, I did not want to spend a lot of money making work as a backup printer. That is why you will see not a lot of thought going into upgrades etc. In fact, it is being rebuilt using mostly parts that I have on hand. I have decided to spend some money here and there on areas that needed some TLC after years of use.

Parts used so far;
Genuine Arduino Mega 2560
Ramps 1.4 board
A4988 steppers
BIGTREETECH Mini12864 V1.0 3D printing display with RGB backlight (The original display was damaged when the board went up in flames)
Installed 8 mm Rods on the Y axis. (One was bent when purchased so used 5/16 rods with existing bearings.)

I received the display last night so I recompiled Marlin to use it. It is actually very nice for the price and a lot of fun to play with the colors. The price is the same as other basic graphical interfaces but slightly smaller in size.

Next step is to set the driver current and mark the wiring with labels for easy identification.


Not even going to really quiet the machine up with TMC drivers?

@dougl Using up parts that I have lying around. This is going to be a backup machine. I am not really sure how long I will be holding on to it. I want to start getting the Rigidbot Big setup so going to use this to help make parts faster.