Successfully using Windows 7 with LaserWeb4? Please come forward.

Successfully using Windows 7 with LaserWeb4? Please come forward.
If its not working for you, say it so. Looking for white screens but working WebGL

We need to find a common denominator for some of the users in this OS


I do not have any Win7 boxes anymore. I do have a Win8 tablet if that is of any use.

One of my machines runs win7. Had some bug recently, when creating a new op, no settings showed. However it’s working fine since last week.

My laser is connected to a Dell core2duo running Win7x64.

I do my content creation on a HP i7 laptop running Win7x64 or my main PC running i7 32gb Win10. Sometimes on my Dell laptop i5 win7x64.

Not sure if you are referring about this but…

I have noticed the right panel screen turn white when trying to generate gcode for a large high resolution raster engraving. (300x200mm). Setting laser diameter <.15mm will usually cause the problem. I can replicate this issue on any of my machines using Laserweb4 (current version and any older versions too). If I run into this issue, I just reload Laserweb4 and increase laser diameter or make the image size smaller.

Also if I try to increase the image size to something really big (800x800mm) and generate gcode, the entire Laserweb4 screen will turn white. I do this test on every version that comes out since I plan to make a large format laser. Since the laser isn’t done yet, I wasn’t to worried about the problem.

@Jim_Fong - Did you ever find a resolution to your LaserWeb going Not Responsive? I was searching the posts here and found yours. I’m doing a lot higher resolution though and I feel as if I’m hitting a limit in LaserWeb.

I don’t think it’s operating system dependent though, it’ll crash on Windows 8, Windows 10 and LaserWeb on the Raspberry Pi as well.

@John_Milleker_Jr lw4 will crash on raster gcode conversion of very large high resolution images. My laser is only 300x200mm travel so I don’t run into the problem under normal circumstances. However I am making a larger laser with around 800x600mm travel. I run a test on every new lw4 release with a large image to see if it crashes and it does every time. Hopefully it will be solved by the time I finish building the laser. I can make it crash on any pc here, even my 32gb i7 7700k running win10

With my small laser, it’s not a problem for now.

@Jim_Fong I’m running the same size and finding that anything over 5x7" for me is crashing. I have a beefy i7 as well and it crashes as badly as older Win 8 machine. It can’t be a machine issue, it’s got to be something in the programming.

I’m trying to get to the quality I get from LaserWeb using the 'Raster 2 Laser CC_Remix plugin for Inkscape and importing my graphic into that. So far just importing the larger gcode into LaserWeb is fine and I’m running tests letting LaserWeb feed the code.

@John_Milleker_Jr hopefully if enough people run into this issue and complain, it will get fixed. I figured I was the only one doing large image rastering since no one else seemed to have a problem…for now I just lower the resolution until it works. It’s been a couple months since I needed to raster engrave something large.

@Jim_Fong - Good call, when I get a chance I’ll post a new topic on it. I found one of yours in the past too.

Raster 2 Laser may be too much for me to handle, I think it’s going to need more than some python value changes. I’m already feeding it dithered bitmaps but it insists on re-processing the files. I may reach out to the developer, but everything I’ve seen so far he’s a student with limited time.

A thought though would be to break up jobs into separate files. Four 4x5’s should process a decent 8x10 for me which is what I’m looking for. I run two passes each with different settings, so that’s eight times the workflow time. Not ideal, but something until the LaserWeb folks find time to put it on their radar.

Like you, I plan to enlarge my bed (I’m already looking at a larger laser entirely) and would love to be able to let LaserWeb chew on a complete 11x14 raster without issues.