Submersible UV sterilization lights.

(Jamie Richards) #1

Submersible UV sterilization lights. I like watching a UK vlogger named “Big Clive.” He had a couple videos on a certain destructive UV light he used to sterilize stuff, so I wondered if there were any waterproof versions. Needless to say, my water tank has one in it now. If this works out, I may never have to worry about algae or bacteria again.

(greg greene) #2

Available at any big box store - called UV water sterilizers

(Jamie Richards) #3

A lot of people are having good luck clearing algae in fish tanks with one particular unit called “Green Killing Machine.”

(Alex Hayden) #4

Put a silver coin in the tank.

(Jamie Richards) #5

Will it add conductivity over time? And is it enough?

(Alex Hayden) #6

I am not sure if it will add conductivity. I doubt it. And I am not sure if it will be enough. I just know some companies that make water cooling loops for PC offer a silver item to put in the loop and claim it kills bacteria. I have no proof this works but I would think it would be worth trying. Doesn’t cost anything to run. You can easily get a silver coin from your bank. Just ask for 50 dollars worth of 50 cent coins. Any of them older then 1964 are about 90% silver.

(Jamie Richards) #7

I make rings out of them. They don’t turn your fingers green even though they are 2% below Sterling. The silver state proof coins were pretty popular. I have a WV ring I need to make for someone, but I still have a few weeks before I’m allowed to swing a hammer since spine surgery.