Stupid question: what's the best way to cut 10mm rods?

Stupid question: what’s the best way to cut 10mm rods? Since I’m using Walter’s Mini space invaders carriage I want to move to 10mm rods and have a couple that are a little bit too long. I’ve read somewhere that they are difficult to cut, but haven’t tried myself yet.

Flex and high speed disc. No problems so far.

Any high-speed abrasive cutoff is fine. Don’t bother with a hacksaw, the hardened rod surface is almost as hard as the hacksaw teeth.

In my experience hacksaws just bounce on the surface of a hardened rod while the rod laughs, it doesn’t even leave a scratch. A dremel (or proxxon) reinforced cut off wheel made short work of mine.

Seriously, don’t waste your time with other toys. Just use this :


@Sven_Eric_Nielsen Brand, type ?

In my case it’s Einhell. But it doesn’t matter. I think even the cheapest thing you can get will do this simple job.