Stumbled upon this nice scan at sketchfab.

Stumbled upon this nice scan at sketchfab. Has anyone an idea, how or where to 3D print such a scan (ideally with color?)

123 Catch -Autodesk

It would be really hard to get all the colors. Typically that is just a single mesh that has a surface put on it. In printing we divide into multiple models to get multiple colors. Check shape ways but with colors it might be as much as the actual camera

Yeah the colours will be difficult. I’d start with Shapeways, they will print most stuff.

Check the Stratasys newest printer capabilyties.

The printer is not really that impotent. Only printer that I know can do color are the really high, end ones. You will need to print and hand finish it.

If I got it right: Hand finish in the sense of painting? Thanks to all for the feedback!