Stuffed Animal Name Tag (Speed Making Ed.)

My wife gets the occasional requests from her coworkers to make little things for the people who know I have a laser machine.

The other night she brought me this small stuffed sloth and asked if I could make him a little name tag.

I was like “pfftt, give it to me”. Slapped a ruler against the thing to get a scale. Quickly created a cutting circle with a vector etched rim and added the text. Did a quick sand on a piece of scrap 1/8" Alder, masked it, etched and cut. Sprayed on a satin clear coat to both sides and hit it with the hair drier briefly to make sure it was dry. Drilled a small hole in the top with a pin vise, added a small brass eye screw and a piece of red satin trim cord. Boom. Done. 7 mins top. :grin:


that’s great!!

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So very cute but how do you decide the scale?

Welcome to the Forum @JJYork. With a ruler against the body of the sloth I just “eye balled” what looked like an appropriate size.