Strange behaviour beta 0.70.26

I have a proyect with a engrave and a cut one.

The engrave is a vector of letters and the cut is a big rectangle with smalls rectangles and circles (holes) in it.

I put it to burn and…

First, it “cut” the corners, just the little corners of the big rectangle.Then finish the big rectangle, to then burn some holes and continue with the engrave… and the circle holes… my god, so strange: it cuts around 1/8 of circle, just to move backward and burn another 1/8 of the circle. And so on. Then stop with the engraving to continue with some more holes, and then again with the engrave…

Shouldnt it burn the first operation (the engrave) first? and after that, burn the holes first, before the outer rectangle?

Here there are 2 videos of the engraving process:

You might want to upload the SVG file to help diagnose.


Here you have.

I run it on the simulation and it is like it should be. The real burn is in no way similar to the actual burn.

For the record, this was corrected in RC2. The flat() routine was reversing the paths. And since each cut has a start and end, reversing their order put them all in a reversed sequence and all backwards so it would hop and cut each of them. But, because the simulator would also call flat() it would break appear to work.