Strage noise (and laser degradating)


My laser continues degradating…

Now, I hear this noise at 10% power. Never hear before.

I started cutting at 40% 10mm/s 1 pass, and now with the same settings, I am at 3 passes.

Lens cleaned, ramp test done, aligment done… I am out of ideas.

Answer to myselft (and other idiots like me):

To clean the lenses is to disasemble it and clean it on BOTH sides.

Idiot of me was cleaning only the outside.

Note 2: after disasembling it, make a alignment test, just for “if…”

Note: the noise is still there

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Mirrors just need cleaning on one side but indeed any lens(combiner and/or focus) would be cleaned on both sides.

That sounds like an arc in your LPS.
What kind of coolant are you using?
What coolant temp are you running?

I use water, never higher than 24ºC (the water temp).

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Using normal tap water is not a good idea.
Change the water to distilled and see if that makes any difference.

Open the cabinet over the LPS, turn out the lights in the room (at night and you may be able to see arcs inside the LPS when the laser is energized.

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Here is the Maker Forums collected advice regarding cooling water.


I do use distilled water, of course!

Doing more tests here.

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Final tests: water temperature is the key.

When water is at 18ºC or lower, my both machines work like a charm. As soon as it get close to 20ºC, the power is not as powerfull as it should.