Still using Chilipeppr with my 3040.

Still using Chilipeppr with my 3040. I had to google it to find out it’s called a shotski. Client is pleased. I still wish I could use Chilipeppr for jobs of 5meg. Thanks again for this amazing too.

Just use the tablet workspace and you should be able to go well beyond 5MB. The 3D viewer isn’t instantiated in that, which is the limiter.

I thought I tried it and still hit a wall but I will try again. Even 10 meg in 2.5D means very small x and y surface because increasing z is far more expensive than 2d. But I do like working on these engravings because of the fine degree of control I can get. I do wish the set zero button was not so close to the go to zero. I get bit by that every so often.