Still trying to solve my material flow problems.

Still trying to solve my material flow problems. By now I think it’s an E3D issue (I machined it by myself, so I’m not blaming E3D).
Last thing I did: I seasoned the hotend with oliv oil. That helped a bit, but did not solve it completely.

How about change the thermobridge - which is made of stainless steel. Perhaps brass would do the trick. What do you think about that?

It would do the exact OPPOSITE of what it’s supposed to do: keep the filament cold as long as possible before reaching the hot zone.

I made an all metal entirely out of Brass…it did such a good job of heat transfer I couldn’t get it above about 135C

By “thermobridge”, do you mean the thermal break (that really skinny portion of the E3D)? That is supposed to be as non-heat-conductive as possible, thus the small cross section and using stainless steel (strong, but not good heat conductor).
Maybe you have a cooling problem? IIRC, you posted a pic of your hot end once, and I thought the heatsink fins were a bit thick. On my E3D, they are about 1mm thick, and a little over 2mm apart, to give as much surface area as possible to the fan’s airflow.
Anyway, I’d love to see your homemade E3D in action when you get it working well!

@Mike_Miller Thanks for your reply. I should have asked Google before.

@Carlton_Dodd Yes that’s actually the thermal break (this little M6 screw). The heatsink fins measure more or less 2mm.