Still having problems with left stepper motor jerking.

(Bob Martin) #1

Still having problems with left stepper motor jerking. I know to check wire connections, I have the mini bus bar blocks, have connected and re-connected, and now I hard wired just to check. I have no resistance while turning motor, should be a loose wire, not so if they are hard wired. I have the Pro Controller the nice all in one.
Could I have a bad stepper motor controller?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Bob Martin) #2

I forgot to ask, does anyone know what stepper driver Brandon used in that All in one?

(Ted Ellison) #3

Perhaps you could switch the wiring between the left and right stepper motor. Should see if the problem moves or not - if not, I think it’s the left stepper, if it moves, then wiring. good luck.

(Jack Daugherty) #4

Have you opened the controller box to check connections?

(Jack Daugherty) #5

@Jack_Daugherty These are the driver boards in my controller, which is the simple controller. They look to be a MKS board, but I am not certain. If you open the controller box, be careful as there is not a lot of extra wire to work with. Just make sure power is off when checking connections.


(Bob Martin) #6

Well guys found the problem, like most support answers are, check connections.
I found my Y with limit switch plug going into the all in one had a bent pin. Repaired and running strong again.
Thanks guys for the help and support.

(Jack Daugherty) #7

@Bob_Martin Great news! Those terminal blocks are not the greatest either, but I think you said you already bypassed those. Now you can get to cutting.