still getting used to Google+ -was meant to post this here! Originally shared by

still getting used to Google+ -was meant to post this here!

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I have a BB with no LCD cape (headless). How can I get vnc working? x11vnc needs an active X server running, and trying to run startx complains that dev/fb0 doesn’t exist. I read somewhere that when a cape is installed, all this starts up nicely. How can I make a ‘virtual’ screen to connect to?

Here’s a link on x11vnc setup that may help you:

thanks, I’ve already tried that. x11vnc relies in a ‘real’ x11 server to be running. however, when I try and run startx, it complains that/dev/fb0 is missing.

I think the framebuffer driver isn’t loading in start up.

I have the A6 revision of BB.

Am I correct in assuming that the fb driver is not started if a LCD cape is not detected? I think I may have seen a code fragment from something like omap-???.c that loads the BB capes - it may also load the fb drivers.

I can’t even install linux’s vncserver/xvnc; which will actually create a virtual x11 display for you. the package doesn’t exist for angstrom BB build…

Stupid linux…

I managed to install xserver-xorg-xvfb and create a virtual framebuffer. I then was able to start Firefox, and then x11vnc connect to that display.

It appears though that x11vnc was built without the xtest library available. or something. it throws a warning that XTEST isn’t available and so keyboard/mouse doesn’t work.

probably would have been easier to run the xvnc program; apparently it starts a virtual screen itself. can’t see that in angstrom though.