Still bucking.  I went to swap out the effector 'sled' and noticed that,

Still bucking.

I went to swap out the effector ‘sled’ and noticed that, even with rubberbands in place, the bed wants to tip and buck…the universal joints seemed loose enough, I think the real problem is the linear bearing supports, if you look on the second video, you can see them twisting up and down with movement…I think I have enough spares to double up on the bearings…not looking forward to completely disassembling the printer to do so…the things we do for our obsessions.

Then again, it may just be loose zipties. I’ll grab a tensioning tool and replace them…that’d be an awesomely cheap solution…

ever try the screw type hose clamps? I believe you would have better luck as they are wider, stronger (steel), and reusable.

The problem with these photos is one of scale…I don’t think they make hose clamps small enough. I’m thinking one or two of the balljoints has some drag and without replacing them, the only solution is to slow the print speeds down for certain types of print. here you go