Steppers jumping

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Hi guys! I’m working on my 3D printer, which is based on H-Bot. It still in progress, but on this stage I can move extruder around X and Y axes. When I do that, my opposite axis starts to “jump” and it’s very bad. I don’t know actually, if it’s a problem (may be on real printing it will be ok), but for now I think it’s not good.

I’m using:

  • MKS SBASE 1.2
  • latest config
  • NEMA17 (17HS4401S)
  • 1.5A current
  • native MKS’s motor drivers

Acutally, I tried everything, some thing makes movements better, but I still can see this artifacts. I don’t know why it exists and how can I fix it.I hope guys, you can help me)

And small video, how it looks

Any question from your side, feel free to ask averything.

I can’t paste a links (((

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My config is here - pastebin[.]com/QVsJkD0A
And small video, how it looks

(just cut the bracets)